What Is A Mail Order Bride? A Go-To Guide About Marrying Foreign Women

What Is A Mail Order Bride? A Go-To Guide About Marrying Foreign Women
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What is a mail order bride? Is this a woman you can buy for marriage? Why are mail order brides in demand nowadays? These are some of the questions you might have when it comes to finding women for marriage online, but there are many myths that misrepresent the actual situation. 

One of the simplest answers to the “what is a mail order bride?” is that it’s a woman who uses a specialized site to meet a man for a serious relationship. You can’t actually buy a woman because it’s human trafficking, which is illegal. The word “buy” describes the process of paying the dating site for its services. So, legit mail order brides exist, and there are many platforms on which you can meet women ready for relationships with foreign men. 

So, let’s get deeper into the topic to understand the true meaning of mail order brides, the costs, and the legal aspects. 

What does a mail order bride mean?

What does a mail order bride mean

We should start by mentioning the mail order bride definition because this is a term used to refer to women eager to tie the knot with foreign men. They usually use mail order bride sites to meet their soulmates because they can create profiles there, add photos, and mention interesting information about themselves. Mail order brides come from different regions and countries, and some of the most popular ones are Eastern Europe, Asia, and Latin America. 

What is a mail-order bride’s reason to decide to start looking for foreign men online? There are different causes that make women opt for guys from abroad instead of focusing on the local dating pool, including the following:

  • They see foreigners as more successful and reliable men
  • Mail order brides want adventures
  • Women prefer more open-minded and respectful guys
  • They believe they’ll be happier when living abroad
  • Ladies think that foreign men make better partners

These are some of the most common reasons for becoming a mail order bride, but they are different for each lady. What a mail order bride is really like? This is a woman who has serious intentions and isn’t interested in hookups; she’s looking for a long-term commitment with a man who shares similar interests, passions, and values. 

What are the statistics on a mail order bride? The numbers are the following:

  • There are about 10,000 marriages between mail order brides and foreign men each year
  • The average age of mail order brides is between 21 and 45 years
  • Only about of mail order bride marriages end up splitting
  • Around 40% of Americans believe that marrying a person of a different ethnicity is good for society
  • About 54% of people think that finding a woman for marriage online is as successful as meeting someone in real life

As you can see, there’s no need to worry about a mail order brides legit aspect because it’s quite popular for Western men to get women for marriage from abroad. 

How does the mail order bride concept work?

How does the mail order bride concept work?

Although finding a mail order bride might sound like a complicated task, it’s much easier than it seems. Actually, it’s more convenient and time-effective to look for a woman online than have numerous dates offline, hoping to stumble upon your soulmate. The key to finding a mail order bride is to choose a platform that offers high-quality services and has a wide selection of features. Let’s break down the process of finding a mail order bride into steps:

  1. Select a credible platform. There are hundreds of mail order brides sites, but not all of them will meet your preferences. So, make sure to check what the site has to offer before opting for it. Namely, look through users’ reviews, read experts’ opinions, compare prices, check out the available communication tools, and scroll through women’s profiles to see if they’re detailed and real. 
  2. Create an attractive profile. If you want to make ladies respond to your messages, you need to put effort into having a well-thought-out account. Make sure to add several photos where you look your best. Also, mention your interests and hobbies, as well as preferences. In this way, ladies will understand what kind of man you are and what they can expect from you. 
  3. Reach out to women. You have to be proactive if you want to increase your chances of finding a lady who’ll be your perfect match. Use the offered communication tools, and don’t be afraid to show your interest. Chatting with several girls at once is a go-to strategy because that’s how you’ll understand what kind of women attract you the most and make a more deliberate choice. 
  4. Advance your communication with the lady you like the most. When chatting with several women, you’ll surely notice that one of them stands out the most. You can gradually stop communicating with others and focus on her, getting to know each other better. Don’t hesitate to offer to chat via phone or have a video call. Sending the girl a present is also a good option because that’s how you show the seriousness of your intentions. 
  5. Offer to meet offline. Men often go to their soulmates’ countries to spend time together and understand if they want to propose to them. It’s a great chance to explore the country and enjoy your lover’s company, as well as meet her friends and maybe even family. 
  6. Think about taking your relationship to another level. As soon as you understand that this woman is the one you want to spend the rest of your life with and can be sure that she has the same intentions, it’s time to make a proposal. You can get married in her country or in your homeland. 

So, what is it like to get a mail order bride? It’s an easy and hassle-free process that allows you to take as much time as you need to explore the options and choose the best woman to tie the knot with!

Are mail order brides legal?

Are mail order brides legal?

A lot of guys often ask, “are mail order brides legit?” And the answer is, “yes, they are.” There are various documents and regulations that control this industry and ensure women’s safety. The first one is IMBRA, which checks that men who are about to get married to foreign women don’t have violent backgrounds or aren’t criminals. The second act is VAWA, which focuses on investigating and prosecuting violent crimes against women. 

What are other proofs that mail order brides are legit? They need to obtain K-1 visas to get to the US. Receiving such a visa isn’t the easiest task because you’ll have to take care of bureaucracy and the following aspects:

  • Meet in real life within the last two years before applying for a visa
  • Provide photographs and your partner together
  • Give copies of airline tickets and hotel reservations to indicate the dates of travel
  • Marry within 90 days after the partner’s arrival in the US

As you can see, mail order brides are legal, and various documents regulate this sphere to ensure women’s safety. 

What is the average mail order bride cost?

mail order bride cost

There are various factors affecting the average mail order bride price, from your preferences to the woman’s location. The most common ones are the following:

  1. The destination. Women from different countries are used to different approaches. For example, women from Eastern Europe might be more demanding than ladies from Asia, implying you’ll likely spend more money on them. 
  2. The site you’re using. There are various mail order brides sites, and they have different prices based on their reputation, the number of profiles, and the diversity of available services. The best option is to choose a site with average prices because that’s how you know you’ll get high-quality services without spending a fortune. 
  3. The money you spend on gifts. You’re the one to decide whether you want to give any presents to the lady. It doesn’t have to be something extra luxurious because your attention is the main gift. 
  4. Travel costs. When it’s time to meet offline, you’ll need to take care of tickets, accommodation, food, and entertainment. The price depends on the location because some countries are more expensive than others. 

On average, men spend about $10,000–$40,000 on mail order brides. 

You can also check out our article on what is the average cost of a mail order bride to get a deeper understanding of factors affecting the price. 


Can I legally buy a mail order bride?

You can’t actually “buy” a mail order bride because this word is used to describe the process of paying specialized sites for their services. So, you can use a mail order bride site to meet the woman of your dreams without worrying about legal aspects because such platforms follow various regulations to ensure their users’ safety. 

Where can I find a mail order bride?

The best way to find a mail order bride is to use a credible platform that offers high-quality services. You can look through the reviews on our site to understand what pros and cons have some of the most sought-after platforms, and then choose the one that matches your expectations. 

How much does a mail order bride cost?

The average mail order bride price varies between $10,000–$40,000. Yet, it can be higher or lower depending on the country your bride comes from, the site you use, the gifts you buy, and the sum you spend on offline dates. 

What countries have mail order brides?

Some of the most popular countries with mail order brides are the Philippines, Ukraine, Mexico, Thailand, Brazil, and Poland.  

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