How To Find A Mail Order Bride? — Top Tips On How To Find A Wife Online

How To Find A Mail Order Bride? — Top Tips On How To Find A Wife Online
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Where can I find a wife? This question bothers numerous men, especially those who are disappointed in traditional dates. If you strive for serious relationships with a beautiful lady from a foreign country, you will certainly need to learn how to find a mail order bride. Online dating may be full of adventures. That is why you should know the proven ways and reliable places to meet your soulmate. Read this article to the very end to learn more about the process of looking for brides online and the most reputable places to organize your love adventure.

Who are mail order brides suitable for?

Who are mail order brides

If you want to find a wife online, you should understand that mail order brides are girls who create their accounts on specially-designed websites with the only aim to build relationships internationally. These girls have a great urge to communicate, are active on the sites, and are all about posting their photos. But how to know whether mail order brides work for you? Foreign brides are suitable for such categories of potential grooms:

  1. Those who are on the lookout for somebody special.
  2. Men who want to build healthy cross-cultural relationships. 
  3. Potential grooms who strive for safe communication and want to avoid scams online. 
  4. Guys who want to communicate with several women simultaneously to later choose the perfect match. 
  5. Those who tend to create serious relationships rather than casual encounters. 

Everything you need to know about foreign brides — Facts & statistics

foreign brides

In case you are looking for a bride, you will need to take a deeper insight into this matter and learn the main facts dedicated to this topic. 

  • Approximately 40% of US men consider that creating bonds with a woman of a different nationality is favorable for society.
  • According to the statistics of K1 visas, the number of mail order bride marriages has reached almost 10K a year only in the US. 
  • Mail order bride sites have a high success rate. For example, 2 of 10 couples on LaDate meet in real life. 
  • The divorce rate of mail order bride marriages is 12% lower compared to traditional marriages in the US. 
  • Based on the statistics of the Pew Research Center, 54% of potential online daters believe that online bonds are more successful than traditional dating. 
  • 20% of US citizens build relationships with partners of different nationalities. 

As you see, the statistics say that online dating is a better and more effective way to find a foreign bride. And it is no wonder — you can apply search options and meet a lady based on your dreams and preferences. Moreover, there are numerous advantages of online dating. Some of them include:

  1. It is possible to communicate with gorgeous ladies you will hardly meet in real life. 
  2. There is no need to travel abroad to meet a lady of different ethnicity.
  3. You can interact with several women to pick your significant other later. 
  4. Online dating is usually cheaper than traditional dating. Typically, you will spend around $250 on communication services per month, while a single traditional date may cost you about $100. 
  5. You can know your partner well before bringing your relationship to a new level. 

Where to find a wife? — Guide on an effective mail order bride search

Where to find a wife

If you still have no idea how to find a mail order bride, these guidelines will come in handy for you. Follow these steps to enjoy the hassle-free process of dating. 

  • Step 1. Find a reliable mail order bride site to organize your search in the most efficient way. You can read expert reviews or user testimonials about the platform to make a formal decision. 
  • Step 2. Create a flattering profile. The cornerstone of a successful love journey is to make your profile page as appealing as possible. Make sure you have completed all profile elements in your profile and upload a real picture. 
  • Step 3. Use the search to find a bride among potential matches. Aside from traditional search options, you can make the most of interactive games that will help you find your soulmate. 
  • Step 4. Take advantage of communication features. Each dedicated site incorporates built-in messaging features that promote a safe interaction with foreign ladies. You can switch between several messaging options to decide which one better works for you. 
  • Step 5. Organize a real date. If you feel like you are ready to bring your dating experience to a whole new level, it is just time to invite your potential spouse on a real date. Most likely, you will need to book tickets to travel to her home country. 
  • Step 6. Spend some time together. The vacation in her home country will help you plunge into the local culture and better know your soulmate. You can have physical contact and decide whether you really match each other. 
  • Step 7. Apply for a fiance visa. If you want to get married to your bride and take her to your country, you will need to wait for visa approval. It is a rather time-consuming process, so you will need to be patient. 
  • Step 8. Take your lady to your home country and celebrate in a special way. After you get visa approval, you can take your significant other to your place and organize the wedding of your dreams. 

Top regions to find brides

regions to find bride

If you are still hesitating about which destination to choose for a mail order bride search, you will need to learn about the most popular regions with foreign brides. Typically, men want to tie bonds with Eastern European girls, ladies from Latin America, or Asian countries. Let’s consider the features of these women in greater detail, so you can choose your perfect match with ease. 

Eastern European girls

Eastern European girls

Eastern European or Slavic women enchant men with their extraordinary allure and a rich bundle of positive personality traits. These ladies are family-oriented, compromise-friendly, and very attractive. The most popular countries in Eastern Europe to find wife are Ukraine, Poland, Moldova, and Russia. Once you start communication with one of the Slavic beauties, you will hardly want to give up. 

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Latin women

Latin women

If you seek an extra dose of affection in your love affairs, feel free to find bride among girls from Latin America. These ladies know the worth of their beauty and successfully demonstrate their best features to their admirers. Being emancipated and ready for experiments in relationships, these ladies are excellent wives and faithful partners. 

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Asian women

Asian women

Asian ladies are slender, obedient, and dedicated to their partners to the fullest. If you want to have a reliable partner by your side, you should certainly pay attention to these exotic beauties. The most popular Asian mail order brides are from the Philippines, China, Japan, Thailand, and even more. 

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How long does it take to meet a foreign wife?

How long does it take to meet a foreign wife

The duration of a mail order bride search depends on numerous factors such as the platform of your choice, the country your soulmate lives in, and your personal preferences. If you start your search online, you will need to take time to search for your potential match. Moreover, even if you think that you have already found your significant other, it doesn’t mean you will build a strong connection for sure. Maybe you will need to communicate with several women before you establish contact with your significant other. Typically, men spend from 2 to 6 months on dating platforms until they decide to transform their online dating into a real-life experience. 

Online dating vs traditional dating — What is better?

Online dating or  traditional dating what is better?

Both aspiring and experienced online seekers may wonder which way is more effective to meet a soulmate: creating an account on a dating site or wandering across multiple countries in the hope to find someone special. Study the advantages and disadvantages of online and offline dating, so you can better understand which way of finding your soulmate works for you. 

Online dating 💻
Advantages 👍Disadvantages 👎
Communicate with gorgeous ladies from the comfort of your homeNo possibility to interact with ladies physically
Choose among multiple candidates to be the lady of your heartReputable dating sites require money for their services 
Save a significant amount of money on your dating journeyYou will never know whether you 100% match each other until you meet
Offline dating 💑
Advantages 👍Disadvantages 👎
You can communicate with ladies face-to-faceYou will spend a lot of money on dates
There is a higher possibility to develop intimacy quicker Your real dates won’t always be effective
You can faster understand whether you meet a perfect matchIt will be harder to develop international bonds without traveling to another country 

As you see, both methods of searching for a foreign wife have their upsides and downsides. Nevertheless, if you want to make the most out of your dating experience and considerably save your budget, feel free to choose a perfect site for your dating ventures. 


Where can I find a wife?

Actually, there are several ways to find a bride. You can visit the country of your choice and go to local attractions in the hope to find your significant other. Nevertheless, it is still easier and more effective to find a bride online. However, the cornerstone of a successful search for a future wife is to find a reliable website for a safe dating venture. 

Is online dating safe?

Online dating can be even safer than traditional dating, as long as you choose the right site to search for your future wife. Reputable dating sites include an authentic database of users, so you can be sure that you communicate with real ladies that have the urge to develop cross-cultural relationships just like you. 

What country to choose for a mail order bride search?

Here everything depends on your taste and relationship expectations. If you are all about passion and affection, pay attention to Latin women. In case you want to have an obedient and family-orientated lady by your side, consider meeting an Asian girl. Those who are all about Slavic beauty and emotional and romantic relationships can choose an Eastern European girl as their wife. 

Johnny Berba
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Johnny Berba is a relationship expert, author, and YouTube personality who coaches single men to find love, whether it’s with women from their home city or a girl from abroad. Johnny’s guides, articles, and reviews have helped thousands of men overcome their fears and meet their significant other, and he is here to help you achieve the same.
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