What Is The Price Of A Mail Order Bride? — All Factors Outlined

<strong>What Is The Price Of A Mail Order Bride? — All Factors Outlined</strong>
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Before we can discuss the mail order brides cost in detail, let’s talk about why there is such a thing as a mail order bride price and whether you should pay anything to get a mail order wife at all. Needless to say, when we are talking about legit mail order brides, we don’t actually mean you can buy anyone. The mail order wife cost is the accumulation of all the expenses you will face when looking for a wife online.

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From time to time, you can see some ads promising you a chance to meet free mail order brides. However, these ads often lead to sites with a questionable reputation and a high chance of being scammed. This is why paying for a reputable mail order bride service is one of the most surefire ways to get yourself a mail order girlfriend or wife, and paid international dating sites definitely provide you with a higher level of security and customer service in general.

But what is the average cost of buying a mail order bride? Numerous potential love-seekers are pondering this question. The mail order bride cost may vary depending on numerous aspects. So, you will need to study this subject to the tiniest details to find out which expenses are waiting for you during your love adventure.

Scroll down to learn which factors affect the order mail bride cost and whether there are any perks that will allow you to save on your dating experience.

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Most popular countries with mail order brides

Most popular countries 🌎Average price 💰Services included in
the mail bride order price 🎫
Best sites with mail order brides 💗
The Philippines 🇵🇭$3,000Online dating services, flight tickets, accommodation, entertainment, K1 visa, flight tickets for your future spouse EasternHoneys
Mexico 🇲🇽$2,700Online dating services, flight tickets, accommodation, entertainment, K1 visa, flight tickets for your future spouse LaDate
Ukraine 🇺🇦$3,300Online dating services, flight tickets, accommodation, entertainment, K1 visa, flight tickets for your future spouse JollyRomance

What is the mail order bride cost?

How much does a mail order bride cost? You will never know the answer to this question until you analyze each aspect included in the price to the tiniest detail. Even though the cost of a mail order bride varies depending on your particular situation, your and your spouse’s lifestyle, some aspects remain stable, so every potential dater should know about them. Carefully study the list below to evaluate the average cost of mail order bride. 

💻 Using a mail order bride website

For men who are looking for foreign mail order brides, the journey to romance and happiness starts with dating sites. There are some free dating sites and apps, but they don’t have the best track record or the most high-quality audience. Moreover, these dating sites are not usually designed for long-distance, long-term dating.

This is why what you need are mail order bride websites. These mail order brides websites are aimed at two specific categories of users: Western men looking for mail order wives and foreign girls who want to become these mail order wives. This is why you have the highest chance of finding your ideal mail order bride on mail order bride sites and not elsewhere.

Popular mail order bride services take great care of the quality of their audience, customer service, and safety of their members. This is why they typically let women use them for free, while men have to pay if they want to find mail order brides.

Different international dating services use different payment models. Some offer paid memberships, others charge for each paid feature in credits, and some combine the two. Of course, there are some free features as well, so that you could create an account, take a look around, and decide whether you want to continue using this particular mail order bride site.

🆓 Free features can include:

  • Registration
  • Profile browsing
  • Using the search feature
  • Using matching algorithm
  • Indicating your interest (winks, likes)

However, you typically won’t be able to chat or exchange letters with someone as a free member of mail order bride services. These are the average monthly expenses for using mail order brides services:

  • Paid membership. Most dating sites will allow you to sign up for free but will charge a monthly Premium membership to give you access to certain advanced features, such as viewing private profile photos or getting priority care from customer service. On average, one month of being a Premium user will cost you from $10 to $50.
  • Credits. Usually, a mail order bride website does not include every single advanced feature in its paid membership model, so if you want to make the most of your time there and meet your ideal mail order wife, you will need to buy credits to pay for additional features as well. These additional features may include chatting, video chatting, phone calls, letters, as well as virtual and physical gifts. Depending on how actively you use your mail order bride service and how many foreign brides you communicate with at once, you can pay from $50 to $300 monthly for credits.

💑 Dating your bride offline

If you’ve spent your time on mail order bride websites wisely and have been taking your online dating experience seriously, soon you are going to have one woman you can imagine as your future mail order wife. However, no one makes the life-changing decision to marry a foreign bride or even begin a serious relationship before the couple meets in real life.

Naturally, meeting a foreign woman in her home country comes with its own expenses. And in most cases, the man is the one who takes care of those expenses. The cost of the trip will depend on several factors, including where exactly you are going: traveling to Latin America, Eastern Europe, or Asia costs a different amount of money.

We are going to take the average cost of spending two weeks in the home country of your potential foreign wife. Here are the key travel expenses included in the mail order brides price.

✈️ Getting there

Depending on where your bride lives, roundabout tickets can cost you anywhere from $500 to $1,500. When visiting the woman for the first time, you also should expect to crash at her place — you are going to need a hotel room. Once again, its exact price depends on the location, as well as how luxurious of a traveler you are. You can pay anywhere from $50 to $100 per night, or $700 to $1,500 for two weeks of staying there.

Plus, you will have to eat something between the dates, which can cost you from $20 to $50 per day. Another important type of expenses is transportation: you can use public transportation, taxis, or rent a car, and spend between $100 and $500 for two weeks of getting around the city or country where your significant other resides.

🥂 Going on dates

At the end of the day, the main reason why you are doing it at all is to get to know your foreign mail order bride and to see whether your relationship is meant to be. And there is no better way to do that than going on dates. Ideally, you will spend every day with your mail bride or see each other every other date. The mail order bride prices for dates depend on what you are going to do.

For example, an evening at a nice restaurant will cost you from $40 to $80 for two. If you prefer other date ideas, such as parks, museums, coffee shops, or beaches, the cost per date can be lower than that. Whereas a special date, such as a visit to an amusement park or an extreme activity, can cost even more than a restaurant date. On average, you can expect to spend between $500 and $1,000 on dates.

🎁 Gifts

An important part of the mail order bride pricing is gifts. Gift giving is something most foreign cultures take seriously when it comes to dating and romance. This includes not only the gifts you are going to give your mail order wife, but also the gifts for her family. It’s hard to name the exact amount of money you’ll spend on gifts, as it depends only on how generous you’re feeling. So your gift budget can be anywhere between $500 and $3,000 or more.

Additional expenses

If things go well and you two decide you want to be together forever and get married, there are some extra expenses you will face. Specifically, we are talking about the legal side of your relationship, which is helping your bride get a K 1 visa that will allow your bride to legally enter the United States. Here is how much the whole thing is going to cost:

  • K1 visa petition — $535
  • US state department processing — $265
  • Medical examination — varies from $200 to $500
  • Adjustment of status form — $1440
  • Biometrics — $85

Wedding expenses can also be added to your total mail order brides cost because in the best case scenario, your romantic journey will lead to a wedding. The wedding budget depends on countless factors, as you can have anything from a small town hall wedding to a lavish destination ceremony. On average, a wedding can cost you between $10,000 and $20,000.

mail order bride cost

What are the free opportunities for online and offline dating?

There is no need to pay for everything when it comes to online and offline dating. While dating platforms offer multiple perks for both novice and regular users, real dates always allow you to save on your romantic journey. Explore the free opportunities for online and offline dating to make your dating journey even more beneficial and exciting. 

  • Bonuses and discounts for novice users. If you approach a reputable dating site, you can make the most out of freebies and discounts for online users. You can take advantage of free trials, complementary credits, or substantial discounts for the first purchase. 
  • Vouchers for using communication features. As the practice shows, the majority of communication features on reputable sites are paid. However, some platforms give vouchers to their users for them to have the opportunity to test the platform.
  • Seasonal promotions. Some websites have seasonal promos that you can achieve on your emails. Such promotions are suitable for both newcomers and regular users. 
  • Free perks. There are dating sites that deliver some free features for their members. For example, you can send winks and likes to the girls of your interest or browse their media files for free. 
  • Real dates. There is no need to spend a fortune on real dates with your future spouse. You can go to the park or just organize a romantic dinner at home — the choice of activities is quite extensive, so you will need to choose the ones that suit your budget. 
  • Flight tickets. Even though you can’t get flight tickets for free, you can substantially save if you buy them in advance. Choose the cheapest deals for your destination and save even more of the cost of mail order bride. 

Which aspects affect the mail order bride price?

mail order bride price

Starting from the type of person you choose for your romantic adventure and ending with the gifts — numerous aspects can influence an average price for a mail order bride. Study the factors that will allow you to adjust the possible expenses to your budget. 

Home country of your future spouse

The destination of your search has a direct impact on the price of the tickets. Moreover, different cultures have different qualities of life. For example, the average cost of a Russian mail order bride is higher compared to the potential spouse from Mexico. 

Dating site

Multiple dating sites have different pricing policies. While some platforms have a subscription system, others require credits to pay for the services. Also, the online price of mail order bride depends on your activity on the site. 

The lifestyle of your future spouse

If your potential spouse prefers to visit fancy restaurants and achieve expensive gifts, then you will need to spend more than the average price of mail order bride. Moreover, some ladies are more demanding than others, so it makes a big difference. 

The gifts you’ll give

As we’ve mentioned earlier, gifts are an integral part of courtship, whether you are looking for an Asian mail order bride, Eastern European women, or brides from Latin America. It’s a good idea to show up to each date with a gift, but since the choice of gifts can range from a small bouquet to a new iPhone, your gift budget can change accordingly.

Wedding traditions

There are different dating and wedding traditions in different countries. For example, if you want to get a Thai bride, you will need to pay a sin sod to the parents of your spouse. In this case, the mail order bride price range may increase up to $9000.

The average price of a mail order bride online 

The price for online dating may seem cheaper than it may seem at the first glance. Moreover, it is advisable to start your dating experience online since it will cost you less than traveling from country to country in the hope to find your significant other. This scheme describes the average cost of the mail order bride online. However, it may vary depending on your activity and the site of your choice. 

💵 Credit packagesfrom $2.99 to $399 
🎁 Virtual giftfrom $5 to $100 per gift 
💬 Chatting with ladiesfrom $50 to $150 per month 
📷 Exchanging media filesfrom $20 to $100 per month

Bringing a mail order bride to your country: How much does a visa cost?

Bringing a mail order bride

How much does a mail order bride cost if you decide to bring her to your country? If you have serious intentions toward your spouse, you will need to help her to get a visa to enter your country legally. Overall, you can choose between K1 and CR-1 fiance visas. All of them require some time for approval, but their purposes are different. The K1 visa caters to the needs of those who are not yet married to a US national, while the CR-1 visa is for legally married couples (for example, if you are married in the home country of your spouse). 

It is worth mentioning that most foreign women enter the US using a K1 fiance visa rather than a CR-1 spouse visa. This means that many Western guys want to get married in their home country. 

K1 visaCR-1 visa
📈 Approval statistics80%99%
📆 Duration of approval12 monthsup to 24 months
💲 Cost $2,500$4,000

Travel expenses

What is the average cost of a mail order bride when it comes to travel expenses? It was already mentioned that the price of travel expenses depends on the country of your choice.  

  • If you are going to visit Eastern European countries to meet your soulmate, you will spend approximately $750 on a two-way trip. 
  • Flight tickets to Asian countries are more costly, so you will need to save up to $1,000. 
  • The cheapest country to meet mail order brides is Latin America. The round ticket from New York to Mexico will cost you about $500, though you can find even more beneficial deals. 

Tips to save your money

mail bride cost

Although the price for a mail order bride isn’t hefty at all, you can still save on your love-hunting experience. Follow these tips to make your online venture even more beneficial. 

Choose online dating over offline

Reliable international dating sites offering a chance to enter mail order marriages will always be more affordable than going to the country of your choice and trying to date foreign women there. Moreover, you get to meet real mail order brides who are ready to marry a foreigner, which will also save you time.

Compare the rates

One mail order brides service can offer completely different prices and payment models than another one. So before you commit to one of the best international dating sites and start spending money, it’s a sound idea to select a few websites and compare their prices, as well as what you get for that price.

Take advantage of freebies and discounts

In an attempt to attract new members and get the existing ones to stay around, a dating site will often have different promotions that can save you money. Always make sure if any promotions or special offers are available on the website of your choice. While some sites offer free trials, others complement their clients with free credits.

Make your communication count

When you sign up for a popular dating site and see hundreds of highly attractive, legit mail order brides, it can be very tempting to try and contact as many ladies as possible. However, that way, your credits will need replenishing very soon. A much better strategy is to carefully select your future wife online based on the parameters you find important and focus on communicating with fewer women with a higher chance of a successful connection.

Consider renting a car

If you don’t mind renting a car in a foreign country, feel free to rent a car. Furthermore, you will have better opportunities to explore the country of your choice with your significant other. 

Rent an apartment

Sometimes renting an apartment is much cheaper than renting a hotel. Moreover, you can cook for yourself sometimes which also can reduce the expenses during your vacations. 

Study the menus in the restaurants beforehand

Thus, you will have a higher chance of not appearing in the awkward situation and saving on your dinner bill. 

Celebrate your special day in one country

Some international couples are all about celebrating their wedding in two countries. However, it may leave a gaping hole in your pocket. So it is better to walk down the aisle in one country.

What is the average mail order brides pricing around the world?

mail order brides pricing

Thanks to the wonders of online communication, you can now find mail order brides in every corner of the globe, provided that there is an internet connection there. However, historically, Western men have been particularly interested in three destinations for meeting a foreign woman:

  • Latin America
  • Asia
  • Eastern Europe

It goes without saying that these destinations could not be more different from each other, and not just culturally or in terms of women’s appearance, but also in terms of how much it costs to buy mail order brides there. Earlier in this article, we’ve listed the average cost of getting a foreign wife through international dating. Now let’s take a closer look at the specific locations men choose to find the best mail order bride.

Latin America

Latin American mail order brides have lots of advantages: they are good-looking, full of passion, and fiercely loyal. However, in the aspect of mail order bride pricing, Latin brides have another important advantage. Latin America is the region that is closest to the US, which means you won’t spend as much on traveling there when it’s time to meet your foreign bride. Here are the average expenses you’ll face when traveling for 2 weeks to meet mail order wives from Latin America:

  • Plane tickets — $600
  • Hotel — $600
  • Food — $400
  • Transportation — $200
  • Dates — $500
  • Gifts — $1,000


Asian mail order brides have always captivated the minds of Western men with their delicate beauty, strong family values, and docile personalities. Asian brides make excellent mail order wives to all kinds of men. At the same time, Asia is a distant continent that is not homogenous at all, so the cost of Asian brides highly depends on where the woman is from.

For example, a trip to Vietnam or the Philippines will cost you significantly less than visiting Japan or South Korea for the same amount of time. On average, a two-week trip to Asia will include the following expenses:

  • Plane tickets — $1,200
  • Hotel — $800
  • Food — $500
  • Transportation — $300
  • Dates — $600
  • Gifts — $1,000

Eastern Europe

Women from Eastern Europe, especially Ukrainian and Russian mail order brides, are some of the most popular women for marriage for Western men. They have charming looks, appealing personalities, and care deeply about their families.

In terms of the mail order wife cost, Eastern Europe is not the most expensive destination, although that once again depends on where you’re going: the capital cities like Kyiv and Moscow will always be more expensive than cities on the periphery. Here are the average prices of visiting a bride in one of the Eastern European countries for two weeks:

  • Plane tickets — $1,000
  • Hotel — $700
  • Food — $500
  • Transportation — $300
  • Dates — $500
  • Gifts — $1,000
🌎 DestinationLatin AmericaAsiaEastern Europe
🎫 Plane tickets$600$1,200$1,000
🏨 Hotel $600$800$700
🍕 Food$400$500$500
🚘 Transportation$200$300$300
💑 Dates$500$600$500
🎁 Gifts$1,000$1,000$1,000

Final thoughts

The idea to forego local dating and look for a foreign mail order bride instead will likely turn out to be one of the most life-changing ones you’ll ever get. While there are many benefits to such a decision, such as being able to choose a future spouse according to your needs and a higher chance of success in general, the aspect of cost is also an important one. 

And if there is one takeaway for you to get from our article, it’s that the cost of meeting a mail order bride through online dating is significantly lower than the cost of real-life dating. Therefore, it’s definitely worth a try because there basically no risks to worry about — only romance, fruitful communication, and exciting opportunities.


Can you really buy mail order brides?

Absolutely not! When we or other sources talk about “cheap mail order brides” or “mail order brides pricing”, what it means is that it costs money to find and marry the best mail order bride for your needs. However, you don’t pay any money directly to the woman or to some local marriage agency to guarantee marriage, and therefore, mail order girlfriends are definitely not for sale.

What are the best international dating sites for marrying foreign women?

Finding the right mail order bride agency can account for 50% of the success of your online communication. There are popular dating sites that are not exactly suited for long-distance dating, so the mail order sites you choose should be aimed at serious dating and marriage. In our experience, some of the best mail order brides sites to consider are JollyRomance, AmourFactory, OrchidRomance, La-Date, and BravoDate.

Is the average cost of a mail order bride lower than traditional dates?

Actually, online dating is much cheaper compared to traditional dating. There is no need to spend money on unnecessary acquaintances, dinners in restaurants, and gifts. Once you create an account on a dating site, you will need to spend about $200 for communication services per month. Agree, it is much cheaper than going for a couple of dates. 

How much does it cost to mail order a bride?

The exact cost of a foreign mail order bride depends on several factors, such as the dating site you’re using, the number of women you communicate with, the amount of time it takes you to find your ideal mail order wife, the number of times you travel to meet her in person, and so on. On average, men spend between $3,000 and $8,000 on online dating and offline dating before they tie the knot, although that doesn’t include the cost of mail order marriages themselves, which can add another $10,000+ to your budget.

How to save money on getting mail order brides?

You can still save while communicating with mail order brides by taking advantage of free perks and discounts available on the dating site. When it comes to real dates, you should carefully plan your trip to save as much as possible. Don’t use peak days when buying flight tickets, book a hotel beforehand, rent a car or use public transportation and carefully choose a restaurant when inviting your lady on a date.

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