European Brides: How to Marry a Beautiful Bride from Europe?

European Brides: How to Marry a Beautiful Bride from Europe?
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European brides appear a lot on dating sites, and it’s getting hard to pick the right one just for you. How can we help? Here we’ve gathered the most useful statistics & the best tips on how to approach European mail order brides! 

Peculiarities of Europe in Dating

Peculiarities of Europe in Dating
  • In 2022, more than 3 thousand European mail order brides received a K-1 visa.
  • Most European brides come from Great Britain, Northern Ireland, and Ukraine.
  • Social and economic reasons are what often pushes Eastern European women to look for Western men.
  • European countries have usually higher rates of divorce when compared with the United States, which is why European women for marriage want to find a husband in the US

Popularity of Marriages between Americans and European Women

When it comes to looking for European wives, American guys are very active. They know that Europe is a very diverse place to seek a spouse, which is why it is a perfect place to find true love and happiness. Indeed, the diversity of European nations allows one to find a suitable partner by using mail order bride services that are very popular. Today, about 19% of new marriages are interracial marriages between American men and European women.

Countries like Ukraine, Poland, the Czech Republic, Spain, Italy, and the UK have a wide pool of modern, progressive, and family-oriented beauties. If men want to find a girl who looks and acts similar to American ladies, they seek Scandinavian and Western European brides, and if they want a more conservative woman who will stay at home, they are eager to find Eastern European mail order brides. Either way, the opportunities are exceptional! 

Pros and Cons of Seeking European Brides for Marriage


  • A European mail order bride is similar to a Western woman. You won’t have to deal with too many cultural differences.
  • Most girls from Europe know English well enough. If you have serious intentions, you will have to communicate with many girls for a long time, and knowing that most girls that you can find will know English is a very soothing thought.
  • Euro brides are diverse and beautiful. It doesn’t matter where you are looking for your potential partner, you can be sure that European nations are full of beautiful and hot women.
  • Online dating is very popular in Europe. Seeking a bride online is easy and convenient, so you will have thousands of brides on dozens of mail order bride services.


  • There are a lot of European countries with brides. It means that if you learn how to date Ukrainian brides, this knowledge won’t be useful for dating a Scandinavian mail order wife.
  • European ladies are used to higher standards of living. While some Asian or Latin brides may not be as demanding, some European brides, especially Scandinavian ones, can be rather picky and demanding.

How to Find a Future Wife?

Finding Eastern European mail brides on an online dating website  is an easy and fast way to start a romance. Still, offline dating remains an option to consider, too. Such communication is superior to online dating, there is no point in denying that. However, you have to find a bride to communicate with her, and that is where offline dating is not as effective. It is both time- and money-consuming, as you are not guaranteed how long you will stay in a foreign country looking for a European wife.

Online dating, on the other hand, is easier if you are interested in Eastern European brides. There are thousands of women from various European countries, and seeking, for instance, Polish brides is quick, effective, and affordable. After you spend enough time with your bride online, you can set up a real-life date and proceed to offline dating. But only in that order.

How to Win Over a European Mail Order Bride?

Here are the best tips that will make your online dating experience with European mail order brides smooth and enjoyable!

  • Look only for girls that suit you. Most dating sites with Eursitesn brides have tools that allow you to search for ladies based on your preferences and demands. Use them!
  • Check out your bride’s profile page. A profile page of a European bride contains a lot of useful information that is given to you for free. Use it!
  • Set up a detailed profile. The more your potential European mail order bride knows about you, the more girls will find you interesting!
  • Be charming, patient, and confident. Remember to treat your girl with respect, love, and kindness!

Is It Legal to Marry a Woman You Met Online?

Yes, it is absolutely legal, ethical, and common to marry a woman that you met online. However, it won’t be free! If you want to be successful in your journey, you have to use a real mail order bride website, and real sites usually charge. In general, your entire search for Eastern Europe brides won’t be free, but here are the main expenses that you have to be ready for!

  • Online dating: around $100 per month
  • Getting to your bride: from $1,000 and up to $3,000
  • 2-week stay: from $1,000 to $3,000
  • Transportation: $50 per day
  • Food and entertainment: $300 per day
  • Documents and a K-1 visa: $2,500

If you have serious intentions and you are ready to spend some money to find Euro brides, then we highly recommend you take a look at SofiaDate, a wonderful website that will help you find true love and happiness online!


Is there a language barrier with a European bride?

The majority of brides from Europe know English well enough, especially brides from Western countries and Scandinavia.

Do Euro brides love foreigners?

Yes, European mail order brides usually view foreigners favorably.

How to win over a bride from a European country?

Learn her culture, be respectful, show who you are and what you want, and be patient. The more time you spend with your bride, the better you will know her and how to date her.

Is it easy to build a relationship with a European wife?

If you show persistence and demonstrate your best qualities, then there shouldn’t be something that could stop you from building a happy relationship with a European bride.

Can European brides be found online?

Of course! Thousands of mail order brides come from European countries, and there are a lot of different websites with women from these countries that you can date and marry online!

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