Johnny Berba

Johnny Berba

Author and Expert

Meet Johnny Berba — Our Author And Relationship Expert

If you’ve spent more than a couple of minutes on, you have probably come across Johnny’s name. He is the person behind the most informative guides and helpful tips on international dating and online romance. But who is Johnny Berba, and what makes him an expert?

Johnny’s journey to being the confident, handsome guy who can charm any woman that he is today started long ago. Like many accomplished relationship experts, he was an awkward teenager who had absolutely zero games and couldn’t even think about approaching the girls he liked. This carried on into college. In his early twenties, two things happened to Johnny. First, he reached his breaking point. Second, he met his future best friend and relationship advisor.

Gradually, with the help of his friend, Johnny built up his confidence around women. Naturally, he also continued working on his appeal: he got a good job, invested in his fitness, and traveled a lot to become a more interesting individual. Luckily, the first results did not keep Johnny waiting, and soon he became better with women than he ever thought he could be.

At that point, Johnny was briefly trying different pickup techniques with women he met on the street but soon realized that it wasn’t for him. He has never been a fan of games and instead prefers the natural, honest approach to meeting women. Shortly after that, Johnny Berba got the idea to share his knowledge with other guys who struggled in the relationship department. This is how his YouTube channel was born.

To make things easier for his viewers, Johnny showed real techniques for meeting women that worked for him and countless men he’s trained. After the success of his YouTube channel, Johnny started getting more and more requests from men to coach them into being successful with women. At first, he was doing it for free, but as he got better at what he was doing and saw the value of his teachings, he started charging money for his services. Eventually, his coaching practice became so popular that he turned it into his full-time job.

At the moment, Johnny is providing coaching services to single men all over the Western part of the world, where men frequently struggle with attracting women because of the ever-growing standards women use to assess potential partners. Clients can choose anything from a one-hour consultation to a six-week bootcamp that will change their whole perspective on dating. And Johnny’s YouTube channel is also alive and well.

However, a few years ago, Johnny started noticing that it became harder for his peers to meet suitable partners. Western women were increasingly demanding while also adopting new ideas about relationships and family. They were no longer interested in the traditional family model, and many of them cared more about the man’s financial situation than his personality. Moreover, even when these women did go out on dates with men, they quickly let them know that they are not planning on settling down any time soon.

All of that led Johnny Berba to look for new solutions to help these men overcome their loneliness. And he did find one, in the form of international dating. After being multiple times to Asia, Latin America, and Europe, he found that some of the world’s most beautiful, sincere, loyal, and all-around lovable women lived there. Johnny thought: why limit yourself to the women you can meet in your home country when you can unlock the whole world for your dating needs thanks to the wonders of online dating? And this is when he launched

Instead of his relationship coaching services that are paid, here Johnny shares his knowledge absolutely for free. His goal is to introduce as many single guys as possible to international online dating and make them no longer afraid of it. Johnny wants to show that as long as you have a computer or a smartphone and a reliable dating site at your service, you can meet anyone you want from anywhere in the world. And to make dating easier, Johnny regularly published dating site reviews, guides to foreign women, and other information that will come in handy to anyone who wants to meet people online.

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