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Is a committed woman who combines Western mentality and homemaking aspirations your dream? Then, think of finding a Czech wife because these Slavic girls are one of the top choices for a successful marriage. For this, we have prepared a guide about Czech Republic mail order brides to help on your dating journey. 

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Irina, 19
19 y.o.
Location Czech Republic
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Aliia, 32
32 y.o.
Location Czech Republic
Occupation Teacher
Anastasiia, 26
26 y.o.
Location Czech Republic
Occupation Other
Valentina, 35
35 y.o.
Location Czech Republic
Occupation Other
Natalia, 42
42 y.o.
Location Czech Republic
Occupation Teacher
Asya, 39
39 y.o.
Location Czech Republic
Occupation University Staff
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Dating Statistics in the Czech Republic

Before looking for a Czech wife, you should check on the statistics on marriage and dating in this country. 

  • Women in the Czech Republic usually marry at the age of 28. It’s because many people nowadays choose to build a career and get an education first before marrying.
  • In recent years, the divorce rating has stopped increasing, and, as the latest statistics show, it’s 44.64 divorces per 100 marriages in the Czech Republic.
  • The Czech Republic also sees the fertility rate increase: 1.682 births per woman in 2023 compared to 1.674 births per woman in 2022. 
  • Approximately 75% of Czechs use dating apps to meet soulmates and friends.

Do Czech Wives Like Foreign Men?

It’s easy to answer this question if you know the political location of the Czech Republic. This country is a part of the European Union and belongs to the Schengen Area.

How is it related to dating? These minor facts mean that people in this region freely travel from country to country and thus can easily make new connections with people of other nations. 

Moreover, there are 5.52 million females and 5.31 million males living in the Czech Republic, which makes it difficult for some girls to find a partner and “encourages” them to look for a man from abroad. Some studies even show that lately, the number of international marriages between Czechs and foreigners has increased, and usually, it’s Czech ladies who decide to marry someone from abroad. 

Pros and Cons of Choosing Czech Republic Brides

Firstly, like all Slavic females, Czech mail order wives are astonishingly beautiful: blonde or light-brown hair, slim yet a bit curvy body shapes, and always modest looks—many men fall for these features. 

But a Czech mail order bride can impress you with other characteristics, too: 

  • 🎓Smart & Cultured

Czech ladies value education and always strive to learn more. You will be surprised by the wide-ranging conversations with such a woman. Moreover, Czech wives are not the type of women who think politics is “a men thing”: they are also deeply interested in global changes and can be good interlocutors.

  • ⭐️Friendly & Positive

Czech mail order wives are good listeners who welcome new people and experiences in their life. These ladies also perceive problems as average life and deal with them with confidence, which can be helpful for you, as such a woman will support you in times of hardships.

  • 🤍Loyal & Caring

Although Czech ladies are often career-oriented, like Polish brides, for example, many of them don’t mind playing the role of housewife, caring about family and household—traits they inherited from the post-Soviet culture. 

Czech mail order brides
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How Can I Find a Czech Mail Order Bride?

Czech ladies are quite easy to encounter if you know where to look for them. 

Firstly, you can try online dating websites. Virtual sites are a great decision because they save you time and money you would spend on conventional dating searches. Moreover, they provide a rich pool of Check ladies who want to become mail order brides for foreigners. 

Secondly, you can encounter Czech Republic brides on social media, like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. However, we don’t recommend relying on them since not all Czech girls there want to be mail order brides. And if you start typing every woman you see, you may get blocked by them or even by the platform 🙁 

The third method is offline dating, which means trying to encounter a potential Czech wife in the Czech Republic itself. You can study there, apply for some projects related to your job, or simply visit a country as a tourist. It will be easy for you to talk to these ladies as a lot of them understand English. 

What Are the Ways to Steal the Heart of a Czech Wife? 

To attract a Czech girl online, make sure to have a good profile on a platform you use for dating: you need to have high-quality pictures of yourself (better avoid group photos) and a well-written description that shows her personality. Also, don’t forget to use search filters, so the websites provide a list of only the most suitable candidates.

And what about communication? Czech Republic brides don’t need to be the ideal men from romantic novels. However, if you want to steal the heart of such a woman, make sure to follow these rules: 

  1. 🔸Show you are responsible.
  2. 🔸Have a positive attitude toward life.
  3. 🔸Prove you are ready for family-building.

Some courtship traditions: 

  • 🔹making romantic gifts for her 
  • 🔹showering her with compliments
  • 🔹inviting to nice places or locations

P.S. Did you know that there is a bride-kidnapping wedding tradition in the Czech Republic? Your or her friends can “steal” her and ask for a “ransom” to test your commitment to the relationship. So, if you have a wedding with a Czech bride in her homeland, be ready for this 🙂 This tradition is quite popular in Eastern European countries, and if you decide to marry Ukrainian brides or Slovak ladies, you can encounter such a custom, too.

Is It Costly to Order Czech Brides? 

Well, although the answer depends on your financial situation, we still have a report on expenses which await you if you want to meet a Czech bride. 

  • Online dating expenses: on average, people pay from $100 to $200 per month for subscriptions to dating websites. However, the expenses can be higher if you plan to use virtual/real gift delivery to surprise your potential Czech bride.
  • Travel expenses: if you plan to travel to the Czech Republic to meet your online girl, you may need to spend around 72,412 CZK or $3,000 on a two-week trip, according to BudgetYourTrip
  • Visa expenses: when you and your soulmate decide to marry, you need to think about a fiancé or K-1 visa for your woman. The whole application process can take up to one year, and the cost of applying will be equal to ~$2,000

Where to meet legal Czech mail order brides? There are plenty of websites, but our top choice is SofiaDate—one of the best sources that has a lot of Slavic and Eastern European females ready for international dating and marriage. 


Will I face a language barrier talking to Czech brides for marriage? 

You may find it difficult to communicate with older ladies, but the younger generation is progressive, and many Czech girls have a good level of English.

Do Czech mail order brides like foreigners? 

Definitely! The Czech Republic is a part of the EU where people can easily travel from one country-member to another. It contributes to the fact that many girls from the Czech date and marry guys from other countries. 

How to make a Czech girl fall in love with me? 

Be polite, show you treat her as an equal, make gifts for her, show interest in her culture and hobbies, and be supportive—these are the basic things you can do that will help you conquer her heart. 

Is it easy to date Czech women? 

The Czech Republic once was a part of the Soviet Union, so people there may differ in mentality from the Western countries, which can complicate the communication between you and your potential Czech mail order bride.

Can I find mail order Czech brides online? 

Surely! Online is the best option if you want to encounter a girl from the Czech Republic fast. These ladies are active users of social media, and many of them also register on dating websites to meet a man from abroad.

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